More disrupters

We have now completed our investment in Buddy Platform (ASX: BUD). Buddy is at the forefront of the internet of things (IoT), by providing the back-end software which can access and analyse in real time the data generated by connected devices. Significant applications are to provide such data for solar energy generation and to analyse and report on energy use. The demand for IoT devices is growing and Buddy’s revenue is growing with the increase in demand.

Other relatively recent listed investments are in Aconex Ltd (ASX: ACX) and Touchcorp Ltd (ASX: TCH). Aconex Ltd provides project development software and services which streamline large development projects and lead to the reductions in duplication and material waste. Touchcorp Ltd provides in-store and self-service mobile payment services which bypass the usual bank based payment channels. These services also add value through fraud detection and increased customer conversion for business users.

So here are three more organisations disrupting the status quo. Though the first two have some environmental positives, we categorise them all as ethically “neutral”. We also categorise Buddy Platform and Aconex as speculative.