Trump and us

So how has all that affected us? Up till election day, the value of our investments held relatively steady compared to the volatility occurring in general markets. Then we saw significant declines when Trump came up trumps (as it were); only to see values return to normal again today. The advice ‘hold one’s head while others are losing theirs’, held us in good stead. One headline today read Ugly for the world, ugly for climate, ugly for clean energy. The first two statements seem true, and the third would seem true for clean energy investments relating to the USA. However, there would seem to be little impact on clean energy investments in Australia. In fact, our energy investments rose above recent levels today – maybe influenced by Australia ratifying the Paris Climate Agreement – finally and by coincidence also today. So, for us it seems to be business as usual – albeit with a close watching brief.

So how does this affect our current Rights Issue to shareholders? So far, not at all. But if there is a significant change to the value of our investments – and hence our shareprice – we will inform you if there is to be any adjustment to the $315 per share offer price applying under the Rights Issue. In other words, business as usual.